Reaching out & Migration?

I naturally feel like I am someone who is insular. Perhaps it is from early childhood experience or a lack of trust in people, or the product of thinking too much from a vein of the perception of reality which originated in the imagination of the Orwellian. ( is this too complex)

Yet as of recent I have felt like reaching out to people, and making connection. However I don’t trust in using the default channels which are in place such as gmail, facebook . These faceless services feel too creepy to me. They are extracting information about you in exchange for a simple service which could be established and be free from the mining of data.

I see so many of my friends addicted to digital media. Digital media is not safe when the new currency is attention.

My mind-frame is Orwellian, hence I cannot get anything done.

I have been trying to simplify how I think of thin(g)s.

Add structure to my life. A sense of stability regardless of how transient it is.

I have established a tiny space of my own to think in.

It is a closet, it has no windows, a single light, and one door.

I see it almost as a refuge. It is the one and only place where I truly feel that I have solace.

It is fairly jumbled at the moment, there are too many random items in here.

Maybe it is refelecting the state of the center of my mind.

A bit jumbled.


With an ambiguous target in sight.

If not no target at all.

On the thought of migration.

It is good to do when things are getting rough if you have the chance.

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