Is mental progress & physical progress.

Mindset is a huge component of any endeavor. It will make or break the effort, our frame of mind will determine how easy or hard a task is.

I have been gaining weight, body fat and muscle. Starting on the(Tk) I joined a local gym which focuses on circuit training, adapted my diet from nearly no calories to 4000 calories a day and have been going to the gym for at least 3 days a week 1 hour a day. I have seen a 9% change in body weight I gained 12lbs of combined fat and muscle( 1/28/2020 @ 133 lbs 2/22/2020 @ 145 lbs).

I believe a change like this is incredible. What made the difference was a plan, a form of accountability and taking small steps. I could have made it easier by visualizing and gamification of the process. Tim Ferris mentioned that when we change our physical bodies it changes our mental states.

Gaining mental progress. How do you measure mental progress? The approach is different depending on where you start off and what your weaknesses are. A huge weakness for nearly everyone is taking action. Another is knowing where we want to go and having an appropriate mental state to achieve our goals. The third aspect is having some sort of roadmap and accountability. Finally you need someway to track it. This way when the going gets tough you can see where you have came from and remind yourself of what you would have given in the beginning to be where you are now.

There are digital options for tracking most things. However digital tracking I find to be tricky, it is ephemeral, you need to navigate to it, and it may be platform dependent. For example some programs you can only use on an iPhone.

I think physical tracking may also build stronger neural networks especially if you are able to incorporate drawing as an element in the system.

Regardless I find mind frames to be the most important component of any endeavor. So remember to treat yourself with respect, kindnesses and empathy. Your can be your own best friend, or your own worst enemy. Whichever you choose will have a massive effect on the quality of your life,your work and your friendships .

Choose wisely, today’s choices effect the landscape of tomorrow.

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