Life Lessons Through Art – A Visit to Lettre Sauvage

Today was a lesson in process, growth and patience. Today I visited an Lettre Sauvage letter press with Sophia Kid of Art City Gallery and Studios

and Jynell B. We were greeted by Fiona and Cameron they showed us around their tiny and cozy studio. Once we were familiar with the studio we got to work using a small letterpress, folding, stapling and cutting the books. This took quite a wile and at first I found it to be overwhelming yet as time went on I found the process to be cathartic, it grounded me and reminded me that everyday is a process much like the last and that we slowly learn and get better.

The books we made are part of a limited run of art books they are part of  bric 19 an open source art book project it will be published for release at Bad Exhibition: Value in Art, opening night (Sat) May 19, 2018 at Art City Gallery in Ventura, CA.

If you can make it we hope to see you there.


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