Re-Branding & Brain_torm for next _tep_

Whats on my mind this week? Establishing better work habits. Starting to look into mail art. Establishing a digital presence of Less is More Tea.

I have been establishing better personal-work-school  habits. Part of this process I document in one of my note books (of which I now have many). I start off by writing the days date and color coding the heading with the days arbitrary color. Then I start to brainstorm the things I need to do next, while looking at the previous day.  I may use the bullet journaling system in order to further the process. Then from there I finish any house hold tasks that may need to be done. Moving on to getting other homework done at a cafe. In order to get there I use my bike, this is because I like it more and I see it as one way to prime my brain to get into homework mode by priming it and using a anchor (See NLP). Ambrosia is my favorite at this point in time. What this does is enable me to encapsulate and isolate time dedicated to study from home time, it also enables me to better understand how I use my time.

What is the next phase of the Project? The next phase is to create an online presence for less is more transpersonal tea, as well as to boot up a cyber/mail-art project. Part of this will be the dreaming, part will be reaching out to friends and taking the plunge into more interactive media as well as to find more on what is being done. The instagram handle lessmoretea is available so that will the landing page for the the scroll. I will create it in a similar style to ProjectMajor  and scrub his first posts for similar artists. I just found the University at Buffalo’s Mail-Art archive. California State University at Channel Islands has two titles which I will look into today. Networked Art and At A Distance. The movie I will be checking out is Making Mail and I still need to look into United States Postal Service rates.


Todays Entry as of 09:28


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