Update April 10 2018

IMG_1793Last week all gigs for less is more tea fell through. Some due to a lace of future commitment and others due to a lack of energy and leadership of which I take all responsibility. Tonight I will be headed to under the bed to participate in their art night.

Tomorrow I will be heading to school early after preparing food, in order to salvage wood to create a frame, after measuring the dimensions of my plexi glass. ( Fell through must find measuring tape first.)

At First Friday this week I struggling with the gate keeper when I attempted to set up at the Bell Arts Mattress Factory. I know that it would have been okay with my friend to set up in her large space however I asked another friend for permission and got shot down. Sometimes in life it is best to act first. This is the case for most startups. I will check in with my friend and receive future permission to use the space for creative endeavors in the future.

However on a Positive note I saw a great example of trees which had been expaliaed on the side of a building and my garden looks like it is happy. The plants are bumping into full vegetive growth and mushrooms have started to pop up which when in balance let you know that your garden is healthy. Mushrooms are the communications of the garden. They make up the internet of the plant world transferring. I am looking forward to the growth in the garden. I have a some problems with some sort of fungus or algie on the leaves of my pepper as well as my queen annes lace. I hope that the beneficial insects which the queen ann’s attracts will help to quell the insects which I do not want.

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