Update April 4

Over the last few days I have made it to the end of the roll. This came after a very successful night at the print exchange and too much wind in the desert (Joshua Tree)to set up as well as too much wind at school in the quad to set up.

I have been thinking of setting up for first friday at one of five places, either Passport Habits (Downtown) For Your Home Furniture (Downtown) Furmanski’s Top Secret Loft (Avenue) MB Hannerhan’s Less Secret Hidden Space(Ave- Bell Arts) or Under The Bed (Avenue).  I am more inclined to reach out to MB because her space is fairly high flow and I have more confidence in setting up there rather than downtown, or UDB because I already have a setup which I know works.

Other places I have been thinking about making appearances are At fire and flow on Mondays or Fridays wind permitting in the harbor ampheater on Victoria ave in Oxnard, I have served tea here and presented earlier notebooks which led up to the development of <=> TEA. I work late on Monday so the following Friday will be my opportunity.

I have not found my notebook which means I may need to do a deep clean of my closets and perhaps my desk, or just admit temporary defeat and start a new notebook. I would rather locate the old notebook. It may also be at my parents house because I have visited recently or I could have lost it in San Diego.

I feel that I am not addressing many things which I find important which have been marginalized by our culture and the cult of self. Such as the use of psychedelics in the right set and setting to promote personal development , the use of rights of passage, other paradigms which may be possible in which we are not killing the earth in order to “live” and progressive landscape design in the form of permaculture. However I do not feel safe to express my views at CSUCI.



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