Todays Goal is Time Lapse Raspberry Pi

I will record my screen while creating the timelapse computer. This will be used in the future to teach others how to do it. I want to start to document how I do things, to share with others because in order for people to learn better the people who are exploring the frontiers of knowledge must share what they are leaning. This applies to permaculture and gardening as well as I share information it will be refined by others which gives us all a competitive advantage.This mode of thinking applies to <=> Tea House because that is what the project has been from the beginning. It was an invitation to refine a piece of paper, it started off with no guidelines except for that of feedback from the audience.  (Website new Sub Domain for <=>)(note prybar for pallet) (Document Roll)  Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 07.39.02I am staring to document My progress. This is being screen captured. I think my Sd card may be dead, so I can not proceed physically further on this front today. However I also created pdfs so I can Create the Raspberry pi Webcam Offline. I may work on it Thursday while at work. Next I am going to check for prices at Fry’s Electronics for SD Cards. The gigastone card looks like it will work for $10. Ive done as much as I can for this part of the project today. I will aim next to find my notebook and organize my Tea ware.

I ended up buying a 32gig card from Fry’s installing raspberrian the operating system was easier than in the past. I downloaded etcher 1.3.1 from there it was as easy as finding the image and selecting the micro sd Etcher also checked to make sure that the image writes correctly so that there will not be any issues when running the raspberry pi. I am going to head over to the university to see if I can get access to a monitor, mouse and keyboard so that I may further work on the raspberry pi.

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