Less is More Tea House ( Tea)

IMG_0847As of last week there has been a refocusing on my capstone.

Here is the Result:

<=> Tea

Less is More Portable Tea Experience.

What is Less is More Tea house?

Less is more tea house is:

An avenue of exploration focusing on 3 main concepts Art, Tea, Meditation.

Why Less is More Tea ?

Because art tea and community saved my life 10 years ago and I would like to share the gift of community for those who are ready.


What is it?

A collaborative performance art project in which aims to connect participants while they take the to slow down, enjoy tea and make art. It is portable, the initial stages started out with a 40 foot long role of photographic paper and tea set. Further stages will include a tea house which is portable, small enough and light enough to fit into the back of a Toyota Prius and be set up by one person within 10 minutes.

Who is involved?

Who ever is bold and curious enough onsite to take time out of their day and experience something new . As well as my Friends Lynn for material donation (old fence), Deniz Nicole of  Carousel Candeo for consulting and design help. Jynell Bosacki for emotional support and many more who have participated thus far in my tea services @ Symbiosis, Lucidity, and Beyond.


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