Creating A Timeline – Avant Garden – Rincon Vitova –

Here is the timeline to chart progress for the avant garden the initial build out took roughly two hours. Ive made it by modifying an existing google docs to fit my needs the new template for future use started out as this form.  A future post will detail the formal proposal for the project covering the 5W’s and How.

Today my friend and collaborator Marc Timmons also came along for the ride -See the video Here- . We collected coffee grounds for the compost at Avant Garden part of Art City Ventura , visited Rincon Vitova, a local permaculture project and insectary -which I am going to organize a tour of for all whom are interested-. Next steps are to formally outline the next steps on the timeline. I finished off the night with a salad form the garden which was the most rewarding part of todays work.

-Be Well My Friends-

Sean D.



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