Entry3 (A Day At The AdvantGarden)

The project is still in its infancy stages, we have a lot of  learning, adjusting and structuring to do.  Yesterday we got our hands in the dirt. After a brief meeting about our private permaculture project in our top secret office across the street we headed over to the advant garden. There we ran a quick overview of the garden, what was in what beds, and which plants had volunteered. Action items included removing dead growth from trees and the fence as well as scoping out expansion of the bike path garden. Around the boulders we chopped the grass and dropped it in areas where we wanted nutrents.

Some of our next action steps are to hold work days and do an inventory of the resources which we have available to us as well as potentially shouting out to the community for the resources which are needed.

Other Ideas I have had for the site is to develop the bike path better as a calling card for what we do in regenerative landscape design.

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