Day 9- Transitions

I have been thinking about the Tim Ferris show and what he says about the ability to learn things quickly. Its all about the tools the technique, accountability and persistence. However I also believe that it is about keeping the dream alive, believing in the dream as well as sharing the dream. On this note today I visited one of my favorite tea shops. When mentioning I am starting a business in regenerative landscape design, I got the tip to look toward Masanobu Fukuoka

This remind me of a few things in life naturally unfold if you let them without resistance.  I also discovered some marketing material which brought up the importance of material being digestible. It needs to convince an a minimal footprint.

Upon embarking on this next great adventures  I see similarities with other great adventures I’ve been on in life. When I was leaving on my bicycle tour the hardest part was leaving and building the momentum to take the first steps.

Today I read a few pages which reminded me to be open to what life has to offer, it was from awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins – Remember, it’s the moments of our lives that shape us-

Until Tomorrow,

Mahatma Sean D.


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