Day -2- Thoughts on What Might Prove Useful

Day 2

-Book Progress-

-Gaia’s Garden –

– P 90-98 –

-Writing Below-

Thoughts on What Might Prove Useful


I am starting my own Business in Landscape Restoration with a good friend of mine. It is just after the Thomas Fire I have a friend who lost a house who I aim to restore their yard to better than before as our  first project. I believe we could create a landscape which is fire resistant as well as  beautiful and bountiful by using permaculture principles in unison with the power of healthy ecosystems to regulate them selves.

My first Step is to learn how to build a good sheet mulch- In the front yard where it will:

  • have an impact
    • By providing a attractive front yard
    • Be Medicinal?
    • Be Edible?
    • Provide Security?
    • Act as a Test Plot.

The book suggests that you read the book and then search the concepts online as well as utilize the resources suggested in the book.

The other step is to create some form of income. Patreon? Sponsors in the community?

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